Little River Family Farms is an environmentally friendly, community supportive and sustainably conscious California-based company providing organic, safe, chemical-free, and completely sun-grown cannabis for medical use.



Little River Family Farms is conscious and sophisticated in our approach to cultivation, production, growth, and customer service. Our company, products and clients are our number one priority. We’re genuinely dedicated to preserving the environment where our farm is located, growing the economy in our community by giving back through outreach and education of our products and the industry which we serve.


Respect for Nature

In Native American culture, Mother Earth is regarded as our LIFE source - not a resource - and our mission aligns with this belief. Our founders began this effort because they believed that stewardship of the land is a fundamental responsibility - not a passing fad.


Organically Grown

Our plants are organically sun-grown, terpene rich, and never touched by synthetic fertilizers. We’re proud of what we do - because we’re proud of how we grow.

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Little River Family Farm has been developing and selling high quality soils for over a decade. We pull from years of experience to grow organic products with a focus on bio-dynamic farming methods, because we have full faith in the systems of sustainability that nature has already perfected. We organically produce rich soil and healthy plants by adding biology back into the soil through the use of compost, sea minerals, essential oils, and beneficial microorganisms. Our plants build robust immune systems that fight off pests and disease, and helps add the extra energy plants need for vigorous growth.



Our earth provides us with everything we need to survive - sun, soil, water, and air - and we believe that's enough.

At Little River, we are a dedicated group of creative, environmentally conscious individuals - and our company is no different. Sustainability in our ever-evolving industry means working as a partner with the land, both now and as we look to the future. We care about this little piece of California property as much as we care for one another. Our mission at Little River is to leave no footprint. In fact, if we disappeared tomorrow - the farm would completely melt into the natural environment and leave no trace in respect to the earth from which it came. The farm is a living thing - and as such, we treat her that way.